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The production of woollen cloth from the shearing of sheep to the finished product was a highly labour intensive industry. 

There was an unlimited source of water and labour to produce the finest broadcloth in Bradford on Avon but reliance was placed on a workforce paid poverty wages whilst the clothiers grew rich on the profits. 

Wiltshire gives an impression of sleepy rural calm, but it has been the scene of impassioned events that have helped shape our nation’s history. 

This follow up to Barry Whites book On the Record is a collection of campaigning reports from 2014 —2021

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The improbable title of Wild West Wiltshire — Outlaws and Schemers may seem far-fetched but this book accurately describes scandalous events that took place in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Wiltshire’s hidden radical past is chronicled in this book based on a series of talks given at a local history day-school in Bradford on Avon in 2010 organised by Wiltshire White Horse Trades Council.

Angela Remembered is a celebration of the life of a remarkable woman. 

Campaigning reports by Journalist, Barry White from 2004 — 2014

Out of print

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