Angela Remembered is a celebration of the life of a remarkable woman. 

Angela Tuckett (1906–1994 was born into an affluent, artistic and politically aware Bristol family.
She was a feminist, peace campaigner, trade unionist, qualified air pilot, the first woman solicitor in Bristol, journalist, folk musician and writer of songs, plays, poetry and books.
She joined the Communist Party after seeing the plight of hunger marchers in 1931 and in 1935 she caused a diplomatic incident when as a member of the England hockey team in Germany she refused to give the Nazi salute.
At great personal risk she smuggled ‘Red Aid’ to the Greek Patriots in 1937.
She was Head of the Legal Department of the National Council for Civil Liberties in 1940 — then moved to The Daily Worker (now The Morning Star) as legal advisor and journalist before moving to Labour Monthly.
  Angela moved back to the West Country and married Swindon based activist Ike Gradwell in 1962.


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About the author

Rosie MacGregor, born in Chesterfield and brought up in Matlock, Derbyshire now lives near Bath. The late Phillip Whitehead, writer, television producer and Labour MP for Derby North, inspired her to take an interest in socialism and left wing politics. 
She moved to the West Country after leaving school and is a graduate of the University of the West of England, working in architecture and town planning in the private sector and local government. 
She has at various times been a member of Nalgo, now UNISON, the Musicians Union and National Union of Journalists. 
As well as her full time job she spent 25 years writing about folk, roots and world music for Bath Chronicle and for a variety of different music publications under the name Rosie Upton for which she is also well known as a folk singer. 
She has been active in the union for most of her working life holding various positions including South West Regional Convenor for UNISON during which time she spoke on a variety of public service issues on numerous platforms including the Trades Union Congress.

Rosie is currently Chair of South West Regional TUC, Chair of Chippenham Constituency Labour Party and Secretary of White Horse (Wiltshire) TUC and continues to represent UNISON on various committees.


Picture by Bob Naylor: Watermarx

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